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Design, identity, logo CREATURE is a Copenhagen based social innovation agency that provides profitable solutions by bridging social problems and business poteintial. >>

Design, Editorial KØBENHÆVN KØBENHÆVN is a magazine about Denmark and the amazing Danes. Most people already know that the Danes are the happiest, coolest and most beautiful >>

Design, logo Rusko R – logo  Competition This was my entry for the Talenthouse official Design Rusko’s official – R – logo Competition! The idea is that >>

Design, identity, illustration, logo Old-Europe's craziest annual party cavalcade, orchestrating 80+ parties in a week, is the most complicated-yet-deadly-simple festival on earth. >>

Design, Flyers Invitation to the Fashion Show ” Fashion In The Making” a part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week photo by Kenneth Nguyen >>

Dj mix hej-overspringshandling Minimal mix I made last year while I was studying for my final test Listen to it here >>

Design, Editorial This is some editorial design I did as a guest designer for the Professional association: Danish Designers It is an interview with the to designers >>

Design, Flyers Copenhagen Bike Vision 2015 This is a case I was part of when I was interning with Goodmorning Technology It is a booklet designed to >>

Design, Editorial Further Steps/Weitere  Schritte An Art-magazine I made for the Austrian Conceptual Artist Hannah-Lisa Kunyik. As a creative way of Exhibiting her work. 6 copies of >>

Design, identity, logo visual identity for the  danish Photographer Jacqueline Fluri >>

Dj mix, logo ArnBeater logo Here is a new logo I made for my DJ alias : ArnBeater (playing electronic music) It’s all hand drawn and build from >>

Design Interview with Jaconfetti Start spread for the danish music magazine Soundvenue >>